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Ahhh!!!  For someone who really hasn’t gotten all that much accomplished in the last few days, I feel sooooo scattered!!

It started when Regretsy announced their crazy balaclava ebay auctions for one of my favorite little boys, Aidan.  (Surely you remember since the last post?  Yeah, I’ve been repeating myself a lot in the last few days, too.  Sorry ’bout that.)

And now I’ve gotten myself into some CRAZY knitting, in addition to the crazy knitting I’ve been doing.  My house is a giant yarn basket.

I have a buttload of stuff to do today, but I absolutely hate starting a blog and then ignoring it!  And, apparently I have been getting a lot of love from Knitting Pattern Central–so thank you for that!!  But now, I’ll quit my blabbing and share some things I’ve finished/been working on!

While frantically searching for some lost needles, I came upon this lost WIP. And then I came across a bug carcass...and then the hole it ate. 😦

"Patchwork" Prairie shawl from all sorts of different yarns.

This ugly thing? Yeah, we'll talk about it later....

Finished mittens from handspun! I love the primitive look and feel. Embroidered with commercial wool.

The beginnings of a bellydance bra I'm going to cover...again, we'll talk about it later. 😉