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I finally figured out bobbles.  Now that I see how they’re made, I realize they’re as easy as pie and it’s kind of silly that I didn’t think I could do them before…but you know how things just don’t “click” right away, right?  Well, it finally clicked.  I have a bobble.  And I’m pretty excited about it.


My first little bobble, on a strange little piece of knitting with which I was experimenting.


After months of almost no knitting, I have been in a super-knitty mood.  I am loving the look of defined bobbles and cables, and the thought of cuddling up under layers of stitched loveliness when the weather starts to get colder…

So I thought I would share some of my favorite knit finds from the interwebs.  🙂


Hot Water Bottle Sweater: ACrookedSixpence.etsy.com


I recently discovered the joy of hot water bottles.  They’re so comforting, and economical, too.  And of course, they’re even better in a cozy.  (What isn’t?)


Twinkle Best Friend Cardigan, as knit by knitlit.blogspot.com


I am in love with this pattern and Twinkle yarn. I just wish they weren’t $16/skein.  😦  Some day…


Spring Fling Clutch by whiletheyplay.etsy.com


Great color, great clutch.  And look, bobbles!


Cable knit cardigan as knit by lostmittenblog.blogspot.com


I love the colors and cables on this gorgeous knitted hoodie…I am sure that SOMEDAY I will have the ambition to do this!


Vintage jumper pattern from pamoolah.etsy.com


YOW!  In addition to knitting, I’ve also become very fascinated with vintage wear.  Especially the real snazzy stuff, like this.  And sequins?  Joy!!


Recycled sweater knit covered buttons by howbeadyful.etsy.com


I love the idea of taking something so soft and using it to cover something that’s usually not.


Cotton yarn bracelet by ylleanna.etsy.com


And, I love when knitting is incorporated into jewelry!  The i-cord is always a favorite of mine…